How RDASA works for you


The Rural Doctors Association of South Australia (RDASA) was established in 1991 to provide South Australian rural doctors with
  • Progressive education and training.
  • Timely medico-political advocacy and support
  • Comradery and growth in future workforce attraction
RDASA offers all rural doctors industrial and policy representation within South Australia and nationally through the Rural Doctors Association of Australia. We are wholly dedicated to the viability and support of all rural medical practitioners to provide quality services to their communities.
Progressive Education and Training

Progressive Education and Training

Annual Rural Masterclass
  • RDASA coordinates progressive, experiential training weekends open to all rural doctors.
  • Facilitates networking between established GPs, registrars, medical students and local government representatives.
Online education and training resources and materials
  • RDASAs website contains industrial and clinical resources, helpful contacts and links page.
Promotion of training and education events
  • Website and social media promotions.
  • Education, grants and incentive payments updates
Medico-poitical advocacy

Medico-political advocacy and support

Regular meetings with regional representatives to ensure the views and concerns of members are discussed and follow up actions are identified.
  • The executive team and the regional management team meet every 6 – 8 weeks via teleconference to discuss a range of issues and plan direction for executive to consider.
Open forums and surveys to ensure RDASA best represents the needs of its members.
  • An open forum follows the AGM allowing members to raise issues of concern for RDASA to address.
  • Annual surveys are organised to identify key issues affecting members.
Industrial negotiation representation
  • Active contract negotiations with CHSA are held every three years.
Regular media interviews highlighting policy effects on rural doctors and patients
  • Regular radio and print interviews with ABC and local news agencies.
  • Use of social media to disseminate and further highlight discussions.
  • Circulation and comment on RDASA and RDAA media releases.
  • Online blog with editorial opinion from executive members.
RDASA meet quarterly with the Minister of Health and CHSA LHN to directly raise issues of concern
Represent rural doctors on committee’s and boards
  • Country SA Primary Health Network
  • Country and Outback Health
  • RDAA Board
  • United General Practice Australia
Comradery / Workforce Growth

Comradery / Workforce Growth (Rural GP attraction)

Social Media – highlighting GP conditions and celebrating positive outcomes
  • Contributing to community discussions concerning rural health workforce issues.
RDASA Rural Health Awards
  • Recognising significant achievements and contributions of RDASA members to South Australia’s rural communities.