Inquiry Into Regional Health Services

Inquiry Into Regional Health Services


The Social Development Committee have released the Inquiry into Regional Health Services report, which makes 49 recommendations for the consideration or referral of the Minister for Health, the Department for Health and Ageing and Country Health SA Local Health Network.

Please refer to the attached Report Inquiry into Regional Health Services.

The terms of reference included

i.The review by the Health Performance Council on the operations of the Health Advisory Councils in accordance with the Health Care Act 2008.

ii.The current provision and plans for future delivery of health services in regional South Australia, with particular reference to —

  1. the role and responsibilities of Health Advisory Councils and the benefits, or otherwise, of the removal of local Hospital Boards;
  2. trends in local community fundraising for medical equipment and services;
  3. how funds currently and previously raised by local communities are held and spent with particular regard to authorisation and decision making;
  4. timing of provision of finalised operation budgets in country hospitals;
  5. ownership and transfer of property titles of country hospitals;
  6. the process and timing of the hiring of staff for new and existing positions;
  7. South Australian Ambulance service arrangements, including the role of volunteers, fees and fundraising and the benefits, or otherwise, to local community events;
  8. scope of practice of general practitioners to country hospitals and the provision of accident and emergency care;
  9. procurement by Country Health SA and the benefits, or otherwise, to country communities;
  10. mandated fees to DPTI for management of maintenance and minor works;
  11. the implementation of EPAS in country hospitals;
  12. integrated mental health inpatient centres for regional South Australia; and
  13. any other relevant matters.


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